Sikkim is the North East State of India. It was a place that used to be independent before British Rule. In the year 1975, the Kingdom of Sikkim merged with India which gave India few advantages as a country! Since Sikkim shared borders with China, India’s allies.

So, apart from the political facts, let’s get versed with some of the mysterious and unknown facts and stories of Sikkim.

Hot Springs

While heading towards Chumthang Valley or Zero Point from Lachen/Lachung, you will find a hot spring near the main road. The Great part is it is accessible to everyone and is not far away from the road. The Tranquillity you will experience there is on another level even if you spend 10 minutes. It is one of the gems in Sikkim, as not many people are aware of this place.

Player Flags

If you have ever visited Sikkim or planning to visit, you must be aware of or have seen those colourful little flags hanging everywhere. Those are called the ‘Chinese Lucky Flags’ which bring good luck to the place they are hung. They are also popularly called the ‘Player Flags’. Their purpose remains the same whichever name you use for them. Every 5 colours display something distinctive.

  • White (Om) purifies pride and ego.
  • Green (Ma) purifies jealousy and lust for entertainment
  • Yellow (Ne) purifies passion and desire
  • Blue (Pad) purifies ignorance and prejudice
  • Red (Me) purifies greed and possessiveness
  • Black (Hum) purifies aggression and hatred

Tsogmo Lake

Tsogmo lake which is situated in the east of Sikkim is the subject of an urban legend. It is often said that there used to be tribal people living there where the lake is situated. Despite their prosperity, an old village woman prophesied that soon water would swallow the whole place, leaving nothing but water behind. Her repeated attempts to convince her neighbours to listen to her failed. After two weeks of living alone with her Yak, the whole area was submerged in water, killing everyone, including the animals. Sikkim’s native people still come to pray to the dead to this day.