Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar is the highest lake in India which is located at any altitude of 17800 ft in Sikkim. The unforgettable view of the snowy capped mountains, flowery valley, curvy roads and the countless waterfalls is something you are looking forward to cherish. This forest area has everything that makes it dream destination for all the tourists to enjoy holidays. The important thing is that you need to take care of the permit and coming over here means carrying heavy woolen clothes even at the time of May and June.

gurudongmar lake

This picture perfect lake view is surrounded by snow covered mountains and your tiresome journey will make you relax with the soothing beauty of the lake and its nearby places. Gurudongmar Lake is not only scenic beauty but also facilitating tourists with better opportunities and comfortable trip. This lake is 190 km from Capital city Gangtok. This place is heaven on earth and its other surrounding is also very attractive to spend well time there. This place is a must visit but avoid in rainy season as roads can be challenging. Knowing and experiencing the beauty of the Gurudongmar Lake from Gangtok, you have to visit here. Full on store your memory of happening trip to Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake Temperature :

Tough to handle the temperature of Gurudongmar lake in winters and if you are willing to see frozen surroundings then December is the duration you can visit. In winter temperature can go down to -8 degree to 1-10 degree in a day. It has fluctuating weather while in summer, you can visit this place because it has moderate climate. So comfortable to visit.

Gurudongmar Lake Best Time To Visit :

The best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake is November to June. This duration is the most pleasant time to visit in Lachen.

Gurudongmar Lake Permit :

The Indian tourist are allowed to visit Gurudongmar lake while for the International tourists allowances are limited to till Chopta valley which is few km away from lake. This permit is governed by authorized tour operator for tourists.

How To Reach Gurudongmar Lake :

By Air : The nearest Airport of Gurudongmar Lake is in Bagdogra. It takes about 10 hrs to reach from Bagdogra airport to Gurudongmar Lake.

By Railway station : The nearest railway station of Gurudongmar Lake is New Jalpaiguri railways station.

Accommodation In Gurudongmar Lake :

There is some basis cottage to accommodate in Gurudongmar Lake but it is better to stay in Lachen. There is lot of tourism services to book hotels in advance.

Things To Do In Gurudongmar Lake :

You can do the trekking to zero point through Donkiala pass and there is also hiking to Yumthang valley. There are some hang out areas to fulfill your appetite after long travel. You can take sigh of relief by taking sip of coffee and tea with some famous Lachen signature foods. Some shopping areas are also there to take some useful and famous antic pieces and some other shopping stuff which can remind you off and on when you go back.