Dzongri Yuksom Trail

Dzongri Yuksom Trail

The Himalayan state of India, Sikkim offers numerous exciting and adventurous trails for the trekkers. These adventurous treks attract thousands of trekkers and hikers from all over the world every year to experience the trails amidst the hilly terrains surrounded by the dense greenery. Among the various attractive treks, the Yuksom-Dzongri Trek is one of the most popular trails in Sikkim. It is a high altitude trek with having the short but highly adventurous trek route. This astounding trek can be completed within 5 days which starts from and finished in the beautiful town of Yuksom. It is the most popular trek route for the short trekking enthusiasts who want to explore the beauty of Nature and serenity of Sikkim in their short duration of the visit. The Dzongri trek is the best option for such trekking enthusiasts.

dzongri yuksom

The blend of the enchanting sound of the sacred words and the whirring of the prayer wheels made a spiritual impact on the mind and body in any of the monasteries located in any corner of Sikkim. The spiritual monks dressed in their religious attire of red robes and chanting the sacred Buddhism religious hymns in the sync of the sound of thumping of drums and trumpets make an enchanting environment which is so peaceful and soothing to the mind.

The Dzongri Yuksom Trek is also known as the 'Walking in Paradise' and is one of the most popular trekking destinations in India. The unparalleled enchanting experience of this destination makes it a traveler's delight. Dzongri La is the best place to get a spectacular view of the majestic hills and the mountains of the east Himalayan range and its white snowy peaks. The paramount mountain peaks that are the prime attractions of this trek are the Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak with 8585 meters height, Mt. Kabru North with the height of 7338 meters, Mt. Kabru South is having 7317 meters of height, Mt. Simvo with the height of 6811 meters, Mt. Pandim is having the height of 6691 meters, Mt. Goecha Peak with height of 5127 meters and many other peaks.

If anyone decides to go for this beautiful trek then the first thing comes to the mind is when to go for the above trek for the best experience. The best time to opt for the Dzongri Trek is in the summer season and the autumn season. The summer season, from the mid of March to the end of the June is considered as the best time for this trek. Also, the autumn season, from the mid of September to the end of November is the best time to go for this trek. Always avoid the trek in Sikkim during the monsoon season as the trekking path gets muddy and slippery as well as the problems of the roadblock is common due to the landslide during this time. So, choose the best time and must experience this trek for the memorable experience of the lifetime.