Sikkim Cholamu Lake: Fall in Love with its Awesomeness

Cholamu lake

Updated on- 15-Dec-2021

Cholamu Lake (North Sikkim) beauty has its own charm and serene atmosphere that pleases you to the core. You have plenty of reasons for your serene escapade to be here. Your weekend landscape is incomplete without the speechless view of the exquisite lake. This lake is a prized possession of Sikkim. No wonder, the serene and tranquil Cholamu Lake is a wonderful place in North Sikkim. For some moment of peace and unwavering relaxation this lake is going to make your day. This highest lake in India has pristine weather and dreamlike landscapes. All these collective beauties will induce you to stay here for a while and you won’t like to leave this place sooner.  

Sikkim Cholamu Lake

Splendid appearance of the lake filled with snow

When you visit this lake you will realize that in different seasons the lake’s appearance is different. Especially in winter the snow capped lakes look so mesmerizing and leaves a super beautiful view experience. The Cholamu Lake is an offbeat place of North Sikkim and its neat and clean beauty and its calmness will beckon you. Once you reach there the epic view of white frozen ensemble second Heaven which will energize your being.

Permit Required for Visiting Cholamu Lake

The Cholamu Lake is at great height so you need a permit from the army, tourism of Sikkim, Sikkim police and administration to stopover here and it is located close to the Indo Tibet border. The Cholamu Lake is an offbeat place of North Sikkim and as compared to other places of Sikkim this lake is less explored by tourists. But once you reach there you will realize that you were missing a very major thing from your trip. 

Cholamu Lake Height

The Cholamu Lake is at a height of about 5330 meters and is hardly 4 km away from the Indo China border and so permission is required in any manner. This is the highest lake in India and the 14th highest in the world. The drive was not an easy one but was worth every bit of it once we reached there.

How to Reach

Cholamu Lake is 80 Kms away from Lachen. From there a taxi would be a convenient option to reach Cholamu Lake. You must have a Restricted/Protected area permit (RAP), even to visit Gurudongmar lake we need to get an Inner Line Permit (ILP) that also only Indians are qualified to get while foreigners are not allowed. 

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